The Journey of Indonesian Visual Arts

December 7, 2009
"What About Sharing?" worked by Agus Sudarto

"What About Sharing?" worked by Agus Sudarto

This exhibition was really spectacular in Indonesian visual art history. About 550 artists from different generations involved in this event that presenting more than 600 art works. The all artist were alumni of the Indonesian Institute of Arts, ISI, Yogyakarta. As matter of fact this exhibition was held for commemorating  25th anniversary of ISI Yogyakarta.

Run in Yogyakarta, November 25-30, 2009, this exhibition has been a historical moment in the journey of Indonesian fine arts. Firstly, this event showed the great of Indonesian modern arts potency with qualified hundreds of artists. Secondly, of course, the event entitled “Exposign” was an evidence of success story of ISI as academic institution of arts. During 25 years ISI has created hundreds of artists, parts of them have national and international reputations such as  Widayat, Nyoman Gunarsa, Made Wianta, Heri Dono, Hardi, Hendra Gunawan, Entang Wiharso, Nasirun and Putu Suta Wijaya.

Besides the large amount of artists, most works displayed here were of gigantic proportions. There was, for example, a seven-meter-tall horse statue, made ouf of fiberglass, worked by Dunadi. There was also an installation art, a set of eight statues weighting 3 tons worked by Barrizal Albara. While Heri Dono presented a VW car carrying big dolls,  Agus Sudarto displayed his work, a painting about 7 square meters.

"Gia", a statue, by Bunga Jeruk Permata

"Gia", a statue, by Bunga Jeruk Permata

One of four curators, Mikke Susanto said, that the aim of the Exposign was to highlight trends in creativity, ranging from developing ideas to media used. “This exhibition is also an evidence that Indonesian visual arts are moving to follow the strong current of world art movement. Even works of some Indonesian artists are not just “duplication” of previous genres, but able to “domesticate” the world art trends to be something “so Indonesian”.

Sure, it is true when we see some works of Heri Dono, Made Wianta, or Entang Wiharso, for instances. Their works have been acknowledged internationally as artworks which able to take local elements and processing creatively to be contemporary artworks.

Entering  the 800 square meters area of exhibition visitors would felt to joint the pary. Yes, the party of arts. In fact, most visitors were so enthusiastic to take photograph in the area of exhibition. As if they were celebrating a moment that will never to forget it. However, we were really celebrating a great moment in the history of Indonesianvisual arts journey.

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