Painting of Michael Jackson

July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson,The King of Pop Music

jakson-4The King of Pop Music Michael Jackson was dead. His fans in around the world were shocked. More than a million people registered via internet to present the memorial ceremony for Jakson at the Staples Center sport arena in LA, on Tuesday, July 07, 2009. They competed to get not more than 10.000 free tickets to witness the event in Los Angeles. The event was broadcasted directly by tens of TV stations in the world.

Now, the King has gone. But euphoria is still go on. Since his death was published  people suffer from a missing. They were fallen in romanticism and tried to collect whatever about Michael Jackson. The newest and older CD, VCD, DVD, photos, drawings and paintings  in various media about this Pop Legend are looked for thoroughly. For some people this means a business. Whatever about him can be sold well. Not only in US, but in around the world.

Dedep, a local painter in Bali, are painting the King of Pop Music Michael Jackson

Dedep, a local painter in Bali, is painting the King of Pop Music Michael Jackson

In Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, a local painter, Dedep looks at this chance. Dedep paints  the figure of Michael Jackson and selling to tourists who visit Bali. To a TV reporter he told that the price of his paintings are not more than US $ 100 per exemplar.

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