Indonesian Painting and Sculpture Art Sale

May 17, 2010

Indonesian Painting and Sculpture Art Sale

Do you know that the works of Indonesian artists get  high appreciation in art market now? Not only senior artists but also young artists’ works.

The magazine Visual Arts reported that in the first four month in 2010 there were some auction events of Indonesian artists’ works in Indonesia and abroad. Some works were sold out with prices about a half billions rupiah or  US$  500,000.-

The contemporary art work  “Lidah tak Bertulang” (Tongue has no bone) by I Nyoman Masriadi noted so high price that was 648 millions rupiah or about US$ 650,000.-

The work of expressionism maestro Affandi, “Pantai di Songgoriti” (Beach in Songgoriti) was sold out  470 million rupiahs or US$ 470,000.-  Mandi di Pancuran (Bathe at traditional shower) by Hendra Gunawan was sold out 408 millions rupiah or US$ 408,000.-

Not only painting, but also sculpture worked by Indonesian artists has attracted enthusiasm of collectors. Rush Hour by Nyoman Nuarta was sold out 408 millions rupiah or US$ 408,000.- The work of Sidharta Soegiyo, Kendang dan Suling (Kendang is Indonesian traditional music instrument like as a little drum covered with leather at each end, and Suling is traditional flute made by bamboo) was sold out 348 millions rupiah or US$ 348,000.-

Sources: The magazine Visual Arts, April-May, 2010

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