Indonesian Contemporary Art, Fantasies and Realities

June 25, 2011

"Playing Chess", acrylic, collage on canvas, by Heri Dono

AGAIN, Indonesian artist’s works will be internationally. Through exhibition “Indonesian Eye: Fantasies and Realities”,  41 works of 18 Indonesian artists will be on display in one of the world’s most established contemporary art gallery, Saatchi Gallery, in London, UK, from August 27 to October 9, 2011.  Recently, these great works have been presenting  in Ciputra Artpreneur Center, in Jakarta, from June 9 to July  10,  2011.

Some of  artists who participate here are Heri Dono, Eddie Hara, Eddo Pillu, Haris Purnomo, Agung Mangu Putra, Nindityo Adipurnomo and Mella Jaarsma. There are also some young artists such as Jompet Kuswidananto, Samsul Arifin and Wedhar Riyadi. A great photographer Angki Purbandono is also here with some his photographer artworks.

Inisiator of Indonesian Eye, David Cicilitira from Saatchi Gallery, said, that the Indonesian Eye aim is to make a bridge between Indonesian artists and collectors in international art world. This exhibition presents not only senior Indonesian artists’ works, but also young Indonesian artists with the great abilities to develop. Indonesian Eye can be said as the continuity of similar event, Korean Eye, which was also held by Saatchi Gallery in 2009. Korean Eye has been successful in promoting emerging Korean artists internationally. After landing in Korea and the UK, the exhibition also traveled to places such as Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

It is really that Indonesian artists have great potency to coloring the world of fine art in international forum. With various culture backgrounds  Indonesian artists can produce unique artworks that compromise modern contemporary and traditional arts. Heri Dono’s painting for instance, try to show Indonesian social political situation recently with exploring symbols, elements and figures taken from tradition like as wayang (traditional puppet performing art). His two artworks here, “Playing Chess” and “Looking for a Fake President” are so interesting.

A young artist Jompet Kuswidananto with his installation art, “War of Java, Do You Remember?” tries to remind us about the history of colonialism in Indonesia. Read in Indonesian contemporary this work is so relevant because Indonesia is now still colonized in economy by developed countries.

Wedhar Riyadi’s work, “New Neighbour From Outerspace”, shows two young girls with their toys. One of them has a head and face like as a human from outerspace. This is an interesting fantasy and make us remember futuristic films in television or movies.

It is really, in general, about 40 artworks presenting in Indonesian Eye are rich of fantasies which able to draw Indonesian contemporary condition in art and social political world.

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