Entang Wiharso

May 5, 2010

Art and Identity

Entang Wiharso

Entang Wiharso

What is identity? Apparently, this question always touch on Entang Wiharso’s mind.  Really, the problem of identity often appears in his works, at least in the last ten years. One of the causes is his marry with an American, Christine Cocca. Nevertheless his experience living with people in various cultural background has contributions to his views on identity.

Entang Wiharso was born in Tegal, a little city in Central Java, Indonesia,  on August 1967 and  graduated from Indonesian Art Institute (Institut Seni Indonesia/ISI), Yogyakarta, in 1994. During studying in Yogyakarta he met  people from around Indonesia who have different culture. As we know Yogyakarta is a city of culture and education where people from around Indonesia and even abroad come in.

Since graduated from ISI Yogyakarta Entang often holds exhibition in some cities in Indonesia and abroad such as South East Asia, Africa, Europe and USA. After his marry with Christine Cocca he has to live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for some times and Rhode Island, USA, in other part times. This makes him so confused about identity. Is it still relevant to talk about identity in an era of globalization?

About Finger (2002) by Entang Wiharso

About Finger (2002) by Entang Wiharso

Wiharso said that in an era of increasing globalization, identity was increasingly difficult to pinpoint. “This piece is part of an ongoing exploration of identity issues that have existed in my work since the late 1990s,” he acknowledged.

His works often show odd figures with only part of bodies which describe lonely, worried or frightened human in globalization era.  Through his paintings and installation art works Wiharso tries to criticize social condition that contains many contradictions.

During his career as an artist Wiharso has received many kind of awards such as AffandiPrize, Philips Morris Indonesian Art Award, and Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant for 2007-08. His works has been collections of many art galleries in Indonesia and abroad.

Oei Hong Djien, a prominent collector-cum curator in Indonesia, mentions Entang Wiharso with some young artists such as Nasirun and Rudi Mantovani as very talented artists. Oei said that the work of Entang, Nasirun and Rudi Mantovani as having international appeal. Oei Hong Djien conciders that the paintings of Entang are very strong and consistent in quality.

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