Art Exhibition in March and April 10

March 22, 2010

Affandi at Maha Art Gallery, Sanur, Bali

Exhibition entitled “Oasis To Be” will be held at Maha Art Gallery, in Sanur, Bali, in March 25 – May 10, 2010. The exhibition will present works of Indonesian expressionism maestro Affandi and some Indonesian contemporary artists¬† such as Mella Jarsma, Titarubi, Nyoman Erawan, Jompet Kuswidananto, and S Teddy D. This event wants to give appreciation to Indonesian contemporary arts.

Isa Perkasa with “Uniform To Be Reminded”

Artist from Bandung, West Java, Isa Perkasa will display his works in the exhibition entitled “Seragam yang Diingatkan” (Uniform To Be Reminded) at Canna Gallery, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, in March 27 – April 10, 2010. This exhibition is the continuation of his previous exhibition entitled “Ingatan yang Diseragamkan” (Memory To Be United) in Bandung last year. The two exhibition are basically still criticism on the power praxis in Indonesia.

“One Day” Puspita Sari

Prima Puspita Sari, an artist of Yogyakarta, will held the exhibition at Vivi Yip Artroom, Warung Buncit, Jakarta. Twelve of her works will presented here. They describes the world of the dragonfly which is very interesting insect for Puspita Sari. According to Puspita Sari, the life time of dragonfly that only¬† a day is irony, because to get the day a dragonfly has to be a larva then cocoon for a long time. In relation with the dragonfly’s life time so this exhibition entitled “One Day” and will be held in March 25 – April 17, 2010.

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