Affandi Museum

May 2, 2009

Affandi Museum

Affandi Museum is not only as an interesting tourism object. It is also as an important sites about Indonesian paintings art history. In the museum located on Jalan Raya Yogyakarta – Solo, we can see about 300 paintings worked by Affandi and 700 paintings worked by other artists from many kind of school and period.

In one of gallerry buildings there are Affandi’s paintings from the early time of his work to the late time of his life. The paintings are sketches, watercolor, pastel and oil paintings. Some of them are reproductions.

Here we can study about the long journey of Affandi’s works in painting art. Affandi is known as an expressionist artist. But his early works are so realist. It’s because of his involvement in political struggle for Indonesian independence. Through painting art he was involved in the campaign for Indonesian independence struggle. Affandi also likes impressionist works, partly Monet, and then expressionist ones.

My Mother (1940),  Art Directory of Republic of Idonesia's collection

My Mother (1940), Art Directorate of Republic of Indonesia's collection

Some valuable things belonging to Affandi are exhibited here. One of the things uniquely is a 1976 Colt Gallant car that was formed like as a shark, and an old wind-cycle which was Affandi’s mode of transportation. We can also see the reproduction of the statue of Affandi and her daughter, Kartika. From here we know the relationships between the father and his daughter which is so closed. As matter of fact, Affandi loves his family verry much. Some of his paintings are about his mother, his wife and daughter, and also his brother. His daughter, Kartika, is well known as a painter that inherit Affandi’s art talent.

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